Red Balloon Run & Ride

Team Food Allergy is raising money for Food Allergy Camp at Camp Sweeney through the Children’s Red Balloon Run & Ride.

We’d love to have you join our team, whether you run, walk or ride with us, or just donate funds to help send children with food allergies to camp.

Three Ways to Help

  1. Sign up here to join Team Food Allergy for the Children’s Red Balloon Run & Ride.
    • Click the “Join a team” box, type in “Food Allergy” in the search box, then “Join” to register for the race as a part of our Children’s team.
  2. On race day, press your snooze button completely guilt-free! Opt out of the race and donate to our cause right now instead.
    • Choose "Yes, I’d Like to Donate!" from the page at the link above.
  3. Go above and beyond – join Team Food Allergy on race day and  make an additional donation today.
    • Click the link and follow the instructions above to join our team
    • Then, feel free to donate accordingly.
What Your Donation Provides at Food Allergy Camp
$25Provides for everything needed for one child’s participation in one of camp’s most popular events, the Lake Dealey Scavenger Hunt, complete with buried treasure (awesome toys) found in each treasure chest and a pirate eye patch. Arrrr!
$100Flies a child down the zip-line and conquers his/her fear of heights. Weee!
$500Supplies a partial scholarship to send one child to Food Allergy Camp for five whole days of worry-free fun. Woo-hoo!        
$850Sends a child to Food Allergy Camp with a full scholarship for their entire five-day camp experience! This child’s parents will be so grateful. Thank you!
Keep in mind that 100% of your donation goes directly toward 2014 Food Allergy Camp scholarships. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will help make a real difference in a child’s life.

Why We Walk, Run and Ride

Finding a cure for food allergy is a top priority at the Food Allergy Center at Children’s Medical Center. Children’s has one of the brightest physicians in the nation, Drew Bird, M.D., who leads research studies about food allergies that are funded by a group of dedicated philanthropists.

Living with Food Allergies

While Children’s searches for the cure, we want to do something NOW to improve the quality of life for these children. Dr. Bird wanted to create a space where these children can feel “normal.” And what’s more normal than summer camp? You can imagine how dangerous summer camp can be for a child with food allergies, which is why a five-day overnight camp called Food Allergy Camp at Camp Sweeney is so important. It’s the only camp of its kind in the U.S.

Food Allergy Camp is truly fun for kids and worry-free for parents. Some of these kids have never been able to spend the night away before. At Food Allergy Camp, all meals are specially tailored to avoid that child’s particular food allergies, a full medical staff attends the camp with the children and, best of all, the campers get to have F-U-N to the M-A-X through an everyday camp experience.

Food Allergy Camp is funded solely by donations and not through the hospital. Small donations add up to big opportunities for these kids! ANY donation amount is greatly appreciated.

“Those of us who have children with food allergies can attest to the fact that those hopeful eyes did not anticipate having to watch our children be separated from the class at snack time; to be the only one bringing their own cake to a friend’s birthday party; to not be able to order from a restaurant menu; to only be able to “eat with their eyes” all of the typical foods their friends would eat; to carry life-saving Epi Pens with them at all times; to be vigilant about cleaning their hands and not being exposed to unseen allergens; to experience countless allergy tests and daily medications; and to always know they are different and will always be excluded at some level.”Mother of a son with 12 life-threatening food allergens