FFC: What to Expect

We realize families referred to the Family-Focused Center (FFC) for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children may already be under stress. Therefore, we strive to provide you with the best support before, during and after your visit.

Patient families who seek care from the FFC typically have specific concerns or needs, including:

• Understanding communication opportunities
• Language delay
• Psychosocial well-being and self-identity
• Multiple medical needs where hearing-related issues may not have been adequately addressed
• Parental experience of isolation
• Medical home provider desiring collaborative support in providing standard of care for deaf or hard of hearing patients
• A child who is transitioning out of early childhood intervention to their local education agency (3 years of age)

Click each topic below to learn more about what to expect before, during and after your appointment with the FFC, which is located on the fifth floor of the Ambulatory Care Pavilion in Dallas and on the third floor of the Legacy Ambulatory Care Pavilion in Plano.

  • Before Your Appointment


    Get Referred

    Your child will be referred to the Family-Focused Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children by his or her primary care or other health care provider with a diagnosis of hearing loss. If you have any questions about the referral process, please call 214-456-1260 or email kim.hightower@childrens.com.

    At the time you are referred, please request that your physician fax your child’s medical records to 214-456-7644 to the attention of Kim Hightower.

    Schedule an Appointment

    Once Kim Hightower receives a referral, she will work with you to schedule an appointment. After your appointment has been scheduled, you will be sent a comprehensive appointment itinerary so you know what to expect for the upcoming visit.

    Send Medical Records

    Prior to your appointment, please request that your physician fax your child’s medical records to 214-456-7644 to the attention of Kim Hightower.

    Verify Your Insurance Coverage

    Children’s Medical Center will contact your insurance company to verify eligibility and benefits in order to ensure the evaluation is covered by your insurance plan and the provider. We will then review these benefits with you prior to your child’s visit.

    Private financial counseling is available as well, if needed.

    Plan Your Accommodations

    If you live outside the area, you may require overnight lodging. Learn more about nearby hotels that offer discounted room rates here.

    Prepare for Your Appointment

    Please review this list of what to bring and compile items prior to the day of your visit.

    Plan ahead by mapping your route to make sure you know how to get here and how long it will take you. This will reduce stress for your family on the day of your appointment and help you to arrive on time.

    To respect the schedules of other patient families, it is very important to be on time to your appointment. If you arrive 20 minutes or more after your scheduled appointment time, your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled, per our cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel your appointment or reschedule for any reason, please call 214-456-1260 prior to your child’s appointment.

  • During Your Appointment


    Plan of Care

    At your appointment, a plan of care is developed for your child. The FFC physician will provide you with needed resources and support, and an interpreter will be provided if requested when scheduling the appointment.

    Your appointment with the FFC is not intended to replace a visit to your child’s primary care provider. The purpose of your appointment with the FFC is to:

    • Provide support, so your family can make informed decisions regarding your deaf/hard of hearing child
    • Provide education and collaborative support to physicians/medical home providers who care for deaf and hard of hearing patients, in keeping with national standards of care for diagnosis and follow-up per the American Academy of Pediatrics
    • Provide a meaningful connection to the Dallas Cochlear Implant Program for families who are interested in pursuing a cochlear implant and for those patients who meet criteria to receive one

    Cancellation Policy: If you are more than 20 minutes late to your child’s appointment, your appointment will be rescheduled  for the next available time.

    Additional Information

    Here is a list of additional information to help your next visit to the FFC go smoothly.

    • We may be able to provide ground transportation between the airport, hotel and Children’s (based on availability).
    • We offer interpreters for most languages, including in-house interpreters for Spanish.
    • You will find a child-friendly environment throughout facility.
    • A Family Resource Center, Social Services and Child Life professionals are available on-site.
    • After you arrive at your appointment, we will set up an account for our online patient portal to allow you to access for future appointments, test results and medical records.
    • You will have one-on-one time with the provider to discuss your individual needs and/or concerns and to receive appropriate education and resources.
    • A follow up appointment will be made (if applicable) and included in the detailed visit summary at the end of each visit.

  • After Your Appointment


    Post-Appointment Communication

    Detailed discharge information and ongoing care instructions will be given to you and your referring physician. This information will include educational resources and outreach providers of care for you and a consultation letter for your referring provider. Both will address post-visit care for your child.

    Access the Patient Portal

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    Visit the Children's Medical Center Patient Financial Services portal to pay your bill, ask questions and learn about insurance and managed care.

    Follow-up Questions

    Should you have questions after your visit, please contact the program manager by calling 214-456-1260 or emailing kim.hightower@childrens.com.