Epilepsy Center Referrals

Description of services:

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center evaluates and treats children with seizure disorders and epilepsy. The center offers additional specialty care options for children with epilepsy and seizures that includes:
• Evaluation of new onset seizures
• Treatment with antiepileptic medications (current and investigational)
• The ketogenic diet and related diets
• Vagus nerve stimulation
• Resective surgical procedures
• Second opinion appointments

Information for referral sources:

Referral process for a PCP sending a referral to Children's and scheduling a patient for an appointment:

  1. The primary care physician sends the referral with medical records, labs and/or test results to support diagnosis to Children’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at fax number 214-456-2554.

  2. Referral and records are reviewed by the Epilepsy Review Board.

  3. Expect a call to schedule your child in for an appointment.

  4. It is helpful to order an EEG before the first appointment with the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center.

  5. It you would like to arrange an EEG with Children’s Medical Center, please click here for more information. 

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