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Physician Contacts

Key Contacts

  • Joseph Mariamma, RN, CNN - Peritoneal Dialysis Team Leader
  • Stephen Pottoore, RN, BSN, MBA, CNN, CCNT,FACHE - Administrative Director
  • Haridas Thankappan, RN, BSN, CNN - Clinical Manager
  • Anu Varghese, RN, BSN, CNN - Hemodialysis Team Leader

Description of services:

Associated primary, secondary and tertiary problems are managed with a team of professionals from services such as:

  • Clinical nutrition
  • Social work
  • Nursing medicine
  • Surgery
  • Pastoral care
  • Child life
  • Psychology
  • Financial counseling

Other services are contacted and included dependent upon individual child illness/status.

Procedures performed or problems diagnosed and treated:

  • In-center hemodialysis
  • Home peritoneal dialysis - CAPD and CCPD
  • Continuous venovenous hemofiltration

Information for referral sources:

  • A written referral from physician or referral source is required. Please call 214-456-2980 to refer a patient.
  • Pre-authorization is required by some insurance plans.
  • Patient instructions for specific tests will be provided when the appointment is scheduled.
  • To avoid unnecessary testing, have the family bring relevant medical records, lab and EKG results to the appointment.
  • Services are provided in close cooperation with the patient's referring physician.
  • Diagnosis, evaluation and recommended treatment information is provided promptly to the referring physician.

Please provide the following when calling to schedule a patient for a diagnostic examination:

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Reason for referral
  • Insurance/referral information

Hemodialysis treatments are provided Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Home peritoneal dialysis nursing support is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

24-hour on-call support is provided for emergent situations and patient support.

Why Children's Medical Center?

  • Our employees and the medical staff provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to the care of children with kidney problems.
  • The physicians on our medical staff will notify you about your patient's condition and therapy.
  • A nephrologist is always on call to discuss a patient with you.
  • The nephrology program addresses kidney-related conditions across a continuum of care, from pre-end stage disease to dialysis, transplant and post-transplant follow-up care.

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