The Center for Obesity and its Consequences in Health (COACH): What to Expect

The COACH Clinic has much to offer your whole family. Our team of experts can give you the best plan to help you improve lifestyle habits. This helps you to be healthier, feel better, and look your best. The most important member of the team is you. What you do between appointments with us what really makes you healthy. The whole COACH team and I look forward to working with you to reach all of your goals.

— John Oden, MD, COACH Medical Director

The COACH Game Plan

Family involvement is the foundation for the COACH program. Living healthy together as a family is a key to your child’s success.

The game plan includes:

  • Screening labs conducted at the initial visit, including OGTT, lipid panel, liver functions, thyroid functions and Vitamin D hydroxyl
  • Treatment of any abnormal lab results– your child will be referred to the appropriate specialty, such as gastroenterology or cardiology, if needed
  • Education provided to the family and child regarding healthy lifestyle changes, including improved diet, daily physical activities and setting short- and long-term goals
  • Support and information provided through the Trailblazers class, a fun and interactive four-week class of intensive family behavior change, where families learn to work together toward their goal of healthy living
  • Follow-up visits to the Children’s Nutrition Clinic every one to two months
  • Follow-up visits with a COACH physician or advanced practice provider every four to six months – a more intensive follow-up program is also available for interested families (PIONEER)

Children’s has performed the LAP-BAND® procedure for eligible patients, but interested families must enroll in the COACH program first.

Commitment to COACH

As clients of COACH, parents and children in the program are held responsible for:

  • Making the recommended changes to their lifestyle
  • Taking medications according to directions (if prescribed)
  • Attending all follow-up visits
  • Coming to class (if that is part of their program)
  • Attending all specialist appointments (if the child is referred for them)

Once families achieve their COACH goals, they will be referred back to the care of their primary care physician.
Families who do not follow the game plan and arrive to follow-up visits having gained weight will be transitioned back to their primary care physician. When they are motivated to make changes, they are welcome to return to COACH.

Primary Care Physician Involvement

Children with a body mass index above the 95th percentile can be referred by their primary care physician to COACH. The finished notes will be sent to the child’s primary care physician after each COACH visit. Any lab results will also be shared with the PCP.