About Clinical Simulation

The Center for Clinical Simulation at Children’s is committed to communication, collaboration and crisis management. We aim to help health care providers develop skills and teamwork behaviors best learned under realistic conditions. Our mission is to make life better for children through the use of health care simulation.

AHA-Bronze Award 2013

Using health care simulation technology, trainees may practice skills to perfection and receive instant feedback focused on patient safety. Facilitators observe, assess and evaluate the processes and outcomes of both individual and team simulation. These outcomes are discussed through the Advocacy-Inquiry method of debriefing.

Without putting real patients at risk, the Center for Clinical Simulation provides a safe and realistic way for pediatric health care professionals to:

  • Acquire skills
  • Learn how to manage unusual or rare complications
  • Develop dynamic, effective communication skills
  • Practice working as an interdisciplinary team

Visit our team page to meet the driving forces behind the Center for Clinical Simulation.