Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities: Research

The CADD includes scientific leaders studying the genetics, neurobiology and treatment of autism spectrum and related developmental disorders. Investigators at the CADD have a long history of publishing high impact scientific papers covering the genetics and brain bases of ASD. Our ongoing studies highlight our commitment to bridging state-of-the art scientific research and patient care.

Studies of the causes and treatment of ASD and related disorders are ongoing, and we depend on the generosity of families with a child/adult with ASD willing to volunteer their time to help us in our aims to discover new treatments for ASD. We also depend on the generosity of individuals without an ASD to serve as healthy controls for our studies and assist in our mission to help affected individuals and their families. All behavioral and brain analysis procedures are non-invasive, and volunteers will be compensated financially for their time. To talk to our research team about becoming involved in CADD studies, please email or call 214-648-5155.

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