Asthma Management: Resources

Throughout this website you will find links to helpful information about asthma. Please feel free to open the link and print any information you may find helpful.

The six-month bilingual program addresses common issues associated with the way to manage asthma. This includes learning about:

Common Triggers

During the two home visits, an asthma specialist provides asthma education about common triggers that may make a child's asthma worse including:

The asthma specialist also looks for triggers in the home and teaches ways to eliminate them.

Family Tools

The family will be provided with various asthma tools to help better manage the child's asthma including:

Inhaler Resources

Inhaler Cards The Asthma Management Program has developed portable medication cards that have pictures of the inhalers on one side and valuable usage information on the other side. Feel free to print the inhaler pages you are interested in.

Inhaler priming instructions (English or Spanish) The asthma metered dose inhalers have changed to contain the propellant HFA in early 2009 and each inhaler type has its own instructions on care and priming features. (Priming is spraying a few puffs of medicine into the air before the inhaler is actually used to be sure the actual medication is ready use. This is a VERY IMPORTANT step to ensure the correct dose is given. If you have any questions about this, please check with your health care provider.