Anesthesiology: What to Expect

Once you arrive at the hospital for your child's treatment or surgery, a pediatric anesthesiologist will meet you in the pre-operative area to speak with you regarding the medical history of your child. The questions will include: birth, medical, surgical and medication history, allergies to medications and any family history of anesthetic complications. To ensure the safety of your child, preoperative fasting guidelines need to be strictly followed.

Below are the list of food and drink items and the required fasting times:

  1. Fried, greasy solid food 8 hours
  2. Light meal, milk, formula, cereal, breads 6 hours
  3. Breast milk 4 hours
  4. Clear liquids (pedialyte, apple juice, gatorade) 2 hours

Patients are encouraged to take their medications the morning of surgery or treatment with a small sip of water. Patients with asthma are encouraged to use their inhalers the morning of surgery. Do not give your child any food or liquid including clear liquids, ice and chewing gum two hours before surgery.