Brain & Nerve Injury Center

The Brain and Nerve Injury Center (BNIC) was established in 2003 through a generous endowment by the Perot Family Foundation. The BNIC maintains a comprehensive translational clinical research program for children with brain and nerve injuries, and is one of three Centers of Excellence developed as part of the Children’s We Promise Campaign. The Center integrates basic science investigation with clinical trials and long-term neurological follow-up with the primary goal of improving outcomes in brain-injured children. The Center coordinates all NIH-funded brain-related research in the in-patient setting hospital-wide, and directs interventional clinical trials to improve outcomes following neurological injury or disease state.

For more information on the BNIC or brain and nerve injury research contact: Mary Ann Byerly at (214) 456-1856.

Physician Investigators
Michael Dowling, MD, PhD, Neurology
Josh Koch, MD, Critical Care
Darryl Miles, MD, Critical Care
Pam Okada, MD, Emergency Medicine
Juan Pascual, MD, PhD, Neurology
Angela Price, MD, Neurosurgery
Lakshmi Raman, MD, Critical Care
Pete Stavinoha, PhD, Neuropsychology
Dale Swift, MD, Neurosurgery
Marita Thompson, MD, Critical Care

Brain & Nerve Injury Center Staff 
Mary Ann Byerly, MBA - Program Manager, Finance & BNIC Operations
Ana Hernandez, MS - Assessment Specialist
Anne Marie Jones, MS, CRC - Clinical Research Coordinator  
Tricia Plumb, RN, MSN - Clinical Research Coordinator
Evin Shirley, BS - Clinical Research Coordinator