Unicoronal: Yariana

Yariana presented to the craniofacial team at 3 days old for evaluation of her head shape. Her pictures from the visit are seen on the left. The frontal view shows the characteristic raised eyebrow and wide eye opening on the left side which is the side of the closed suture. The eye on the Yariana’s right side (side of open coronal suture) shows a narrower opening of the eye and a lower position of the eyebrow due to compensatory forward growth of the forehead. The top-down view shows the severe flattening of the forehead on her left side which is the side of the closed suture. On her right side the forehead is bulged forward because the coronal suture on this side is open and compensating for lack of growth at the closed suture. The fact that restricted and compensatory growth occur next to each other makes the skull very asymmetric which is very noticeable and a challenge to correct. A fronto-orbital advancement and calvarial vault remodeling were performed at 5 months of age. This corrects the position of the upper portion of the eye socket (orbit) and forehead. Yariana’s postoperative photos on the right side of the screen show a dramatic improvement in the position of the forehead and symmetry between the left and right sides.

 AvilezYpre001AvilezYpre001 AvilezYpost-1
 AvilezYpre002 AvilezYpost-2
 AvilezYpre003 AvilezYpost-3
 AvilezYpre004 AvilezYpost-4

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