Community Advocacy

As the population in our large, urban metroplex continues to grow and diversify, community advocacy has become an integral part of our training program.  Every resident in our program receives frontline advocacy and community health training as part of our core curriculum, with opportunities to expand this training through individualized curriculum, scholarly projects, public policy development, and community networking.  Initiatives to support this education include:

  • Community Pediatrics rotation: An AAP grant-winning rotation completed by every intern featuring training in legislative advocacy, a class-advocacy project, site visits to the county health department, and contact with other outreach programs in and around our community.

  • Endowment funded Advocacy Interest Group used to cultivate grass roots engagement and leadership among trainees.

  • Many of our residents choose to focus on community advocacy as part of their scholarly projects.

  • Each year the Excellence in Advocacy award is presented to residents who have demonstrated a commitment to community advocacy.

    • View the project from this year’s recipients

  • With our program’s support, our residents have been very successful in obtaining funding for their advocacy projects through the American Academy of Pediatric’s CATCH (Community Access to Child Health) grant program.

    • Recent recipients include:
      • Camp CHAMPs
      • Troendle Tooth
      • Marjan’s
      • Sara/Gowri
      • Ashley/Humme 
  • Creation of mechanisms for Spanish language skills training and diverse cultural awareness. Expansion of the resident clinic experience to include areas of Dallas with a wide socioeconomic diversity and significant Spanish speaking populations.