Contract Specifications 2013-2014

I. Nature of the Duties and Responsibilities of the School (UTSW Department of Pediatrics)

  • Provides an environment with supervision and progressive educational and patient care experiences
  • Provides a teaching staff available with ability, enthusiasm and commitment to teaching, patient care and research
  • Provides a curriculum with appropriate balance between clinical and didactic activities
  • Provides opportunities for resident scholarly research, which may include clinical investigation and/or basic research
  • Provides professional liability insurance provided for all activities related to training

II. Duties and Responsibilities of the Resident

  • Provide safe, effective and compassionate care
  • Fulfill the educational requirements of the program
  • Comply with participating institution policies, procedures and regulations
  • Obtain written consent prior to performing any medical practice at or during non-training institutions
  • Resident must be eligible for institutional permit or a Texas Medical License
  • Resident assignments and vacations will be determined by the Chief Residents, with the Program Director's approval
  • Parental, professional and sick leave requests are discussed with the Chief Residents in conjunction with the Program Director

III. Duties and Responsibilities of the Participating Institution (Children's Medical Center Dallas, Parkland Hospital and System)

  • Sufficient hospital staff to provide variety of patient care needs
  • Exposure to a variety of patients and equipment to provide a broad educational experience
  • Group Life Insurance in the amount of one times the annual stipend
  • Major contribution to the resident's insurance premiums for Hospitals current health, dental, disability insurance in effect (Resident can purchase at resident's expense coverage for any additional dependents)
  • Meals while resident is on 24-hour call at the Hospital
  • PL-1 has two weeks paid vacation and one additional week for PL-1 without pay
  • PL-2 and 3 have three weeks paid vacation per year
  • Additional days off will be provided around winter holidays as coordinated by Chief Residents
  • Residents will work in an environment free of sexual and other forms of harassment and will have access to file a complaint if such report is to be undertaken
  • Psychological, medical and counseling is available if such support/services are required

IV. Contract appointment begins on June 24, 2013 for PL 1 year, and on July 1 of subsequent years.
**Mandatory paid orientation begins on June 13, 2013.

V. Termination and Grievance Procedures presume that the resident will serve the entire contract period unless the greement is terminated by the School's Policies and Procedures for Supervision, Evaluation, Discipline and Grievances of Graduate Medical Education Trainees.

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