Biomedical and Clinical Research

Biomedical and Clinical research projects abound at UT Southwestern and Children’s Medical Center. Our residency is committed to supporting our residents in their efforts to become experts in these topics.  Residents can access these projects as part of their dedicated research electives and via American Board of Pediatrics approved pediatric special training pathways, such as the accelerated research pathway, or the integrated research pathway as appropriate.  Our residents’ efforts often include presentations and publications in some of the nation’s top medical journals, and they are recognized for research via awards or grants given to acknowledge and augment their curiosity and pursuit of knowledge.

See some of our resident’s research accomplishments below.

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  • Paul Tannous, MD, PhD


    Paul Tannous

    Paul is a recent graduate from our residency program (2012) who is now a fellow in Pediatric Cardiology with Harvard at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Paul’s interest in research was sparked early in medical school and after becoming the recipient of the Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship he went on to join the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) and pursue his PhD focusing on the role of autophagy in adaptive and maladaptive myocardial remodeling.  Paul’s interest in clinical cardiology was fostered through residency.  His research interests continued as well, with further publication regarding calcineurin-dependent cardiac remodeling from his work with the internal medicine program at UTSW, and further accolades with his acceptance of the 2012 House Office Research Award given by the society for Pediatric Research.

    For a list of Paul’s other publications see Resident Achievements.

  • Nora Renthal, MD, PhD


    Nora Renthal

    Nora Renthal, MD, PhD, one of our current 2nd year residents studied the role of microRNAs in pregnancy during the pursuit of her PhD. Her interest in both immunology and endocrinology as well as her role as a female physician scientist led to her creation and position of chair on a mentorship committee for female MSTP (Medical Science Training Program) students. She was the recipient of the Endocrine Society Medical Student Achievement Award as well as the Ida M Green Award recognizing quality research as well as service to the community. She plans to pursue her interest in hormone biology through a future in Pediatric Endocrinology.

    To read more about Nora’s awards visit our Newsroom here and here, and check out Resident Achievements

  • Isaac Marin-Valencia, MD


    Isaac Martin-Valencia

    Isaac Marin-Valencia, MD recently completed 1 year of his pediatric training in our program (2012) and is currently a Pediatric Neurology fellow at UTSouthwestern. His passion for neurology and neuroscience was clear early on in his life. He sites his autistic brother, Abimael, as the main reason for his early scientific vocation and his current motive to continue working to “calm the yields of silence of neurologically disabled patients”.  His research achievements were recognized by the grand prize at UTSouthwestern’s postdoctoral Research Symposium in 2011, when he investigated and published metabolic features of brain tumors that could reveal future therapeutic targets and challenged a hypothesis put forth over 50 years ago about the way that tumor cells metabolize glucose.

    He does his own Q&A for UTSW here.