Flexibility and interactive learning are keys to cultivating sophisticated problem solving and critical thinking skills among our pediatric residents. We have a myriad of times and environments for high quality learning throughout residency. The following is a list of conferences available to our residents:

  • Intern or Senior “Morning Report”: a round-table discussion of an interesting case, newly published literature, or clinical dilemma. Breakfast provided

  • Antibiotic Club:  This extended lecture series is given by a team of educators from infectious disease, pharmacy, and microbiology during intern morning conference with the goal of establishing a strong foundation in antibiotic stewardship and knowledge of the various classes of antibiotics with an emphasis on clinical application.  Breakfast provided

  • Neurology Boot Camp: Fellows and residents from our neurology department provide hands-on education for our interns during morning conference throughout the year to increase their confidence in performing the neurologic exam.  Didactic sessions are also provided that cover basic pediatric neurology topics such as seizure management, how to approach a patient with abnormal movements, and headache treatment options. Breakfast provided

  • Grand Rounds: a hospital-wide presentation and discussion with current CMC faculty or visiting guests. Breakfast provided

  • Noon Conference: A conference that occurs each weekday for all pediatric residents. With a focus on American Board of Pediatrics content specifications, topics range from oncologic emergencies to current legislation affecting pediatrics, and speakers are invited from all hospital departments and the greater Dallas area. Lunch provided

  • Tuesday Multidisciplinary Conference: This hospital-wide conference is an opportunity to discuss interesting clinical cases that required a multi-disciplinary approach to care. These presentations also highlight relevant translational research performed by our collegues at UT Southwestern, one of the leading research institutions in the country. Lunch provided

  • Specialty conferences ( e.g. Tumor board, Cardiology conference, NICU resuscitation conference, REACH (Referral and Evaluation of Abused Children) conference).

  • Pathology dissection and diagnosis: a review of interesting pathology from recent hospital cases. Lunch provided

  • M&M Conference: At UT Southwestern our Morbidity and Mortality conference is run by the residents with input from invited faculty and advisors. Lunch provided

  • Critically Appraised Topics (CAT) conference: Each of our 2nd year residents (in conjunction with a faculty mentor) works on developing their evidence based medicine research skills and statistical knowledge by critically appraising an article of their choice. Lunch provided

  • Intern Retreat: All of our 1st year residents take a break half-way through the year to gather together at a three day conference aimed at professional development, personal development, and bonding over the shared resident experience.

  • Residents as Teachers Workshops: All of our PL2 residents attend a one day conference aimed at developing their skills as mentors, role models, and instructors for junior residents and medical students. We acknowledge that our residents can be some of the most effective and helpful teachers for their co-residents, medical students, and faculty alike.