Meet the Residents


From left, Drs. Marjan Linnell, Damian dos Santos and Ashley Lucke are the Co-Chief residents for the UT Southwestern Pediatrics Residency Training Program at Children’s Medical Center.  They will serve in this role until June, 2015.  As designated co-chiefs, the trio works to enhance patient care, resident life, and resident education.

Drs. Linnell, dos Santos, and Lucke are accountable for the daily schedules of all pediatric residents and various outside rotating residents.  They also coordinate teaching conferences for residents and assist in the education of third and fourth year medical students.

The chiefs serve as liaisons between the residents and attending physicians, non-physician members of the care team, and hospital administration.  They work closely with the program’s leadership including Drs. Perez-Fontan and McKinney.  In addition, chiefs have clinical faculty responsibilities including accepting transport admissions to the general pediatric service throughout the year, attending one month on the inpatient medicine service, and attending in the Continuity of Care clinic.