Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I call if I have problems?

Please contact Cisco’s Service Center at 1-866-412-6113, or email them at

What should I do if I am having problems opening my secure message using my handheld (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.)?

We suggest waiting until you can open the message from a computer.

Alternately, you may forward your secure message to Then wait for a return email that will give you a link to a website that will display your message for you.

Why can I not open the securedoc.html attachment when I view my email?

You must open (double-click) the attachment to open it. Viewing/previewing the attachment within your email window does not allow you to open the attachment. If this does not work, you may also try saving the securedoc.html attachment to your computer and then opening it.

What should I do if my Internet browser locks up when I attempt to open the securedoc.html attachment?

If your browser locks up when trying to open the message, it will usually open on the second attempt. You may also try saving the securedoc.html attachment to your computer and then open it.

What password do I use?

When you receive your first encrypted message and attempt to open the securedoc.html attachment, you will have to click on the Register button when the “message envelope” opens. You will then create a password, enter an optional security phrase, and answer 3 security questions.

Will I have to change my password?

No, you are not forced to change these passwords unless you choose to do so.

What is the Security Phrase?

This is a phrase that will be used to give you a comfort level that the message to your account is legitimate.

I registered my email address and a password, why doesn’t my message open?

After you register your email account and password, you will need to confirm it by waiting for an email from “” with the subject of “Please activate with CRES”. In this email there will be a link you can click on to confirm your account, or you may type the given link into your browser to confirm/activate your account. Only then can you supply your password to open your encrypted messages.

Do I have to type in my password each time I receive an encrypted email?

No, you may check the “Remember me on this computer” box on the message envelope and it will remember your password. For all subsequent messages you may simply click on OPEN.

Why doesn’t the computer remember my password after I checked the “Remember me on this computer” box?

The password is stored for each email address. If you clear all cookies on your computer it will delete the password. Simply type the password again and re-select the “Remember me on this computer.” If you use more than one email address to receive encrypted messages, it will only store the last email address/password used.

When I open the securedoc.html attachment I get the Security Warning below. What should I do?


Please Click on “Run,” as this is the application that opens your encrypted message.

What do I do if my email address is not listed in the “To:” field on the message envelope?

Click on the drop-down menu arrow and choose your correct email address.

I replied/forwarded the encrypted message but the recipient cannot open it.

You must use the Reply, Reply All or Forward buttons located inside the decrypted message if you wish to keep the message securely encrypted and readable by the next recipient.

If the secure message came with a file attached, how do I ensure the attachment remains with the message when I forward it?

To forward a secure message with an attachment, you must first save the attachment to your computer and then reattach it to the forwarded message.