Email Encryption

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If you have chosen to receive information about your child's medical condition by email, these emails will now be encrypted. This is to ensure the highest level of privacy and security protections of your child's medical information.

What is email encryption?

Encryption is the process of transforming regular text into something unreadable to anyone but the intended recipient, who has the ability to "decrypt" it.

For example, the text "Patient Kim Jones" might look like "Encrypted Email Signature" after being encrypted.

Email sent over the Internet is not considered secure unless it is encrypted.

How does this affect you?

The first time you receive an encrypted email from Children's Medical Center (Children's) you must register your email account and choose a password (see the Children's Email Encryption Registration Instructions). This password will be used to decrypt and open all subsequent encrypted emails received from Children's.
If you want to reply to these emails and keep them securely encrypted, simply select the Reply (or Reply All or Forward) button from within your decrypted email message.

More Information

We have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with more information on Children's email encryption, in addition to the Registration Instructions. We take the privacy and security of your child's health information very seriously and continually work to provide all protections necessary. Thank you for your understanding and allowing us to serve you and your child.