About Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Department at Children’s Medical Center, which began in 1983 with guidance and encouragement from members of the Dallas faith community, is designed to offer ecumenical and interfaith spiritual support for children and families in crisis. The Pastoral Care team offers one-on-one counseling, traditional rites, prayers and sacred play with age-appropriate stories. Daily devotionals and Sunday worship services also are held in the hospital chapel and are broadcast on closed circuit TV to all patient rooms.

Support in Difficult Circumstances

Having a child who is hospitalized or who is receiving care for a chronic condition can be extremely trying for a family. Our experienced Pastoral Care team offers spiritual guidance in all faiths, or simply emotional support, to your hospitalized child, to you as a parent or to other members of your family who are affected by your child’s illness.

When You Need Someone to Listen

We believe that the hospitalization of a child can be a crisis for all who care for and care about that child. We also believe that part of the work of healing includes addressing the spiritual issues that may surface during a medical crisis. For some, this means making use of their faith, prayer, scripture and sacraments. For others, it means struggling to feel the presence of God at a time when God can seem distant. For others, it means appreciating the opportunity for companionship and conversation that a chaplain can provide.

Children’s Medical Center’s chaplains are trained to minister in this demanding and challenging environment. Our chaplains are also knowledgeable about the developmental and spiritual issues unique to children. Our chaplains work as part of the pediatric healthcare team, sharing the hospital’s mission to make life better for children.

Our chaplains are available to assist children, families and staff on-site, 24 hours a day. We are knowledgeable about and sensitive to a variety of faiths and practices, and we maintain strong relationships with local clergy and faith communities.