Music Therapy

During hospitalization, children often experience heightened fear and anxiety or a general lack of control. Music therapy can help address these and other needs by providing opportunities for patients to make independent choices and express themselves through the medium of music. Board-certified music therapists are trained to use a variety of musical experiences to create a therapeutic relationship with patients and family members, and to support children throughout their hospitalization.

Music therapy sessions at Children’s Medical Center are designed to help patients and their families cope with hospitalization and improve patients’ physical, psychological, and emotional health.

Music therapy goals may include

  • Reduction of fear & anxiety

  • Self-expression/emotional expression   

  • Contact Information

  • Increased relaxation/calming

  • Support during procedures

  • Pain management

  • Legacy creation/memory building

  • Developmental/sensory stimulation during prolonged admissions

  • Support for siblings and caregivers

When may patients receive music therapy?

At Children’s Medical Center, music therapy services are generally utilized for those patients and families with acute needs. When there is a significant psychosocial or physical need during hospitalization and other means of support have not been available or effective, music therapy may be appropriate. Any staff or family member may refer a patient for a music therapy assessment.

"Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program." - American Music Therapy Association

Music therapists at Children’s Medical Center are required to become board-certified and obtain a master’s degree.

Contact Information 

Lisa Jones, MA, MT-BC, GC-C
Music Therapist-Board Certified, Certified Grief Counselor 
Therapeutic Arts Team Leader 
Areas of Specialty: Palliative Care, Grief (Camp Sol), Internship Director
Pager: 214-456-7441 (ID#18089)

Karen Norris, MS, MT-BC
Music Therapist-Board Certified
Areas of Specialty: Psychiatry
Pager: 214-456-7441 (ID#23091)

Annie Cross, MMEd, MT-BC
Music Therapist-Board Certified
Areas of Specialty: Oncology, Blood Disorders, Neurosurgery, NICU
Pager: 214-456-7441 (ID#18435)

Shannon Wilson, MA, MT-BC
Music Therapist-Board Certified
Areas of Specialty: GI, Renal, Pulmonary, Cardiology, General Pediatrics
Phone:  214-456-3898
Pager: 214-456-7441 (ID#18888)  

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