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Injuries in children are best handled by pediatric specialists trained in treating growing bodies. The following articles have been written with young athletes in mind.

Dehydration Can Sneak Up on Athletes

August 9, 2012

Sprints. Laps. Marching band drill-downs. These are a few activities that your football players, cheerleaders, marching band players and other fall athletes are concentrating on as they prepare for fall sports. In August. Outside. Under the boiling hot sun. One thing they’re probably not concentrating on? Hydration.

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Is Your Athlete’s Heart Health Up to Par?

August 6, 2012

If your child is a sports player, chances are that he is in full swing with practices right now. If he hasn’t visited the pediatrician yet, be sure to make an appointment for a physical evaluation. While sudden cardiac death in otherwise apparently healthy teens is a rare occurrence, it must be addreseed to identify those who are [...]

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Our Orthopedics Department is one of the Best

July 20, 2012

We know our patients and families realize what an amazing Orthopedics team we have at Children’s. And U.S. News & World Report agrees, ranking our Orthopedics department as one of the very best pediatric programs in the country. Our orthopedic experts treat more kids with bone fractures than any other medical [...]

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Young Athletes Need Protecting

May 4, 2012

Each year 10 million to 12 million kids in the U.S. participate in sports. Statistics show that hundreds of children collapse while playing sports every year, and most of those cases involve some type of underlying, previously undiagnosed heart condition. Sudden cardiac death occurs in one child per 100,000 each year.

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Marathons May Be For Kids, Too

April 8, 2011

It sounds crazy, but children may be able to run marathons as early on as first or second grade. Several weeks ago, The New York Times ran this blog on their website. The author, Gretchen Reynolds, reported on two different studies: one about running injuries in children and the other about how early children can [...]

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The Kohl’s Sports Health and Wellness Outreach Program at Children’s Medical Center is designed to educate children and their families on how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and how to stay safe while doing it.