Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery Dallas

To Request an Appointment

  1. Submit the following to 214-456-8881 (FAX)

  2. Please ask the family to call 214-456-2240 to schedule an appointment

    • If your family calls about the following, we will schedule them: craniofacial, plagiocephaly, cleft lip & palate, hand fractures, lacerations, amputations, cyst, carpal tunnel, brachial plexus, facial paralysis, polydactyly & syndactyly, trigger finger, joint contractures, animal bites, cellulitis, hemangioma, keloids, masses, nevus, port wine stain, skin tags, vascular anomalies, microtia

    • For all other diagnoses and to ensure continuity in care, we ask for clinical information from the referring provider prior to the appointment date.


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