Orthopaedics Legacy

To Request an Appointment

  1. Submit the following to 469-303-4520 (FAX)

    • Standard Cover Page

    • All relevant clinical documentation

    • For all sports injuries, please refer competitive athletes to Legacy's Sports Medicine

    • For all fractures, please call Provider Services at 214-456-9933. We prefer to see the patient within 7-10 days from the date of injury.

  2. Please ask the family to call 469-303-4500 to schedule an appointment

    • For the following diagnoses, we will schedule the family when they call: Acute Fracture; Hand: Finger/hand fracture, Fingertip Injuries, Strains of hands and fingers, Acute Scaphoid fracture; Chronic Hand: Ganglion cyst on the hand/wrist; Hip: pelvic fracture(acute)

      For all other diagnoses and to ensure continuity in care, we ask for clinical information from the referring provider prior to the appointment date.


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For assistance, please contact Provider Services at 214-456-9933.