Hereditary Spherocytosis

Why Children’s?

At Children’s Medical Center, we understand a parent’s dilemma when their child is ill. They want the best possible care for their child, and that’s what they receive at Children’s, which has been treating kids and answering questions from anxious parents for almost a century. We are one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the nation and have clinical programs in more than 50 pediatric subspecialties.

Children’s has earned the respect of pediatric experts from across the globe for the volume of work we’ve done, but more importantly, we have earned the trust of generations of parents for the quality of care we’ve provided. Our unique partnership with UT Southwestern Medical Center combines many of the country’s most experienced hematology-oncology specialists with the resources of a world-class teaching and research facility.

Dr. Shelley Crary’s research group, for example, is studying the long-term risks and benefits of splenectomy for HS, an area where there is little current research. The results of this study will enable physicians and families to make more informed decisions about whether to remove a child’s spleen as a treatment for hereditary spherocytosis.

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