Respiratory Externship Program

The pediatric externship program for respiratory therapists is designed to provide the advanced student of an accredited, registered respiratory care school with the skills, knowledge and experience specific to pediatric respiratory care. This program is designed to complement and enhance the respiratory school curriculum and to prepare the student to function in the field of pediatric respiratory care.

This program can accommodate up to eight externs annually. It begins with applicant interviews in June and July and ends upon graduation from the accredited respiratory school. The didactic portion of the program begins in August and ends in December. It is 16 weeks in length and consists of one day a week of training related to specific pediatric respiratory diseases and therapies. Upon completion of this didactic study, the student will receive an internal Certificate of Completion for the Pediatric Respiratory Externship Didactic Program.

The clinical portion of this program begins in December when the student has successfully completed the didactic portion of the program. Externs then will be required to work one clinical shift per week to practice their skills and gain pediatric experience.

It is expected that therapists participating in this program will not accept employment at another facility while employed at Children's during the externship program and until graduation or termination of employment. This precludes employment as a student therapist at any other facility. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the director of respiratory care services.

Current enrollment in accredited program for professional respiratory care
BS program preferred
GPA of 3.4 or higher
BS-level students must be in their junior year
AAS- and three-year program students must be in the fall semester of their sophomore year
Official transcript
Completion of application
One letter of recommendation from a clinical instructor or program director
A paragraph stating why you should be chosen and what you hope to gain from this program

For more information, please email and put Respiratory Extern in the subject line. Due to the volume of calls, we cannot answer all inquiry calls. Please email for the fastest response.