Children's Vendor Program

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Suppliers and vendors are invited and encouraged to register on the CHST supplier portal for bidding opportunities.  On the portal, you will find helpful tips on how to register.  The portal was created to facilitate the exchange of information between CHST Contract Administration Team and our suppliers.
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Children's Medical Center Vendor Program Executive Vendor Notice (PDF)

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Vendor System Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the vendor registration system?

The vendor registration system has been implemented to collect, centralize, and credential vendor information. We believe this new process and system will protect both our organization and our business partners as we adapt to changes in federal compliance and billing regulations. Existing and potential vendors are required to register online so we can leverage the single, centralized system to enhance our vendor interactions. This vendor registration system will give your company and representatives exposure to our buyers; and allow us to maintain important information for our existing and potential vendors.

Why do we have to do this registration?

It is required you register to become compliant with our vendor management policies. Also it allows us to understand more about your company and maintain all contact and product information in a single directory. No longer will you need to coordinate with different buyers to maintain your information. All your company and representative information will be in a comprehensive database for all our buyers to access when making purchasing decisions.

There are several benefits to vendors of participating in the registration process.

  • Become compliant with corporate compliance requirements quickly to show true partnership and business transparency
  • Vendors are alerted of new or updated corporate policy documents and approaching expiration of certain documents
  • Policy and compliance documents are exchanged electronically, simplifying the tedious and redundant paperwork that is often required to conduct business
  • Management of all company, representative, product, and compliance information is made easy through secure, private, web based dashboard
  • Participation in the vendor directory increases your company’s visibility to member organizations nationwide.

Is there a cost to register?

There is an annual fee for vendor registration that is charged per company, not per representative. As such, only the first representative to register will be charged the fee. As many of your representatives as are needed may register for no additional cost, each of which may differentiate him/herself by the products he/she sells and the territories serviced.

What does the fee cover and why is it yearly?

This fee is used to purchase 3rd party data, perform screening and credentialing, store compliance information and documentation, perform analytics based on provided information, notify suppliers of training, policy changes, and compliance regulations, and monitor and alert company status throughout the year. All of these features are performed and maintained throughout the year and thereafter as you choose to have a relationship with our buyers.

How does the registration process work?

Step 1: Navigate to the vendor registration website.

Step 2: Enter business information including business address, phone, federal employer identification number (federal tax id), products sold, and acceptance of corporate company policies.

Step 3: Enter credit card information and pay the fee.

Step 4: Receive confirmation email and click on link provided to continue registration.

Step 5: Select links on the Vendor Dashboard to complete additional required information. This includes sales representative information like territory and references, additional business information like type, number of employees, date founded, company principles, geography, financials, insurance and diversity.

Once you have completed all steps, your company and representative information will be available to the purchasing group.

Can I update my information after the initial registration?

Yes, in addition to providing the additional required information via the Vendor Dashboard, you may also add to or edit your profile at any time by logging into the registration system using your user ID and password.

What are UNSPSC Codes?

The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® (UNSPSC®) provides an open, global multi-sector standard for efficient, accurate classification of products and services. Search the code on this website to locate commodity codes that can be used by your company.

What information will I need to complete the registration?

Vendor registration requires general company information as well as sales representative details.
Required information is in italics.

Initially you will need to enter the following required basic information…

Your name and email address
Business name, type, address and phone
Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
Products sold (based on the UNSPSC codes
Acceptance of corporate company policies