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    Surgery. Saving Lifetimes. — Children's 2010 Annual Report

    25,853 surgeries. 59 surgeons. 50 anesthesiologists. 171 surgery nurses. 31 surgical technicians. These numbers only begin to tell the story of the thousands of children who had operations at our not-for-profit hospital in 2010. Many of the surgeries were life saving. All of them were life changing. The renowned surgeons and caring staff at Children’s are uniquely skilled and prepared with the most up-to-date techniques and tools to treat the issues facing children and their families — from cancer to liver transplants to repairing the tiny hearts of premature newborns. Children’s, ranked among the best pediatric hospitals in the country, is affiliated with UT Southwestern Medical Center, one of the nation’s best academic medical centers and one of the most prolific research institutions in the world. That means the experience among our surgeons is vast, and leads to success in the most complex cases. In this report, you’ll meet several patients who had surgery in 2010. Each has experienced a transformation.

    2010 Annual Report (PDF)

    2009 Annual Report (PDF)

    2008 Annual Report (PDF)

    2007 Annual Report (PDF)

    Nursing Annual Reports

    The Nursing Division annual report reflects not only the many accomplishments of nurses working at Children's Medical Center and within the community but, more importantly, the positive patient care outcomes that result from their exemplary professional practice and interdisciplinary teamwork.

    2012 Nursing Annual Report (PDF)

    2011 Nursing Annual Report (PDF)

    2009 Nursing Annual Report (PDF)

    2008 Nursing Annual Report (PDF)

    2007 Nursing Annual Report (PDF)

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    Community Benefits Report

    At Children's Medical Center, our commitment to helping children lead healthy and safe lives goes far beyond our walls. Our efforts combine prevention, research, education, clinical excellence and advocacy. "The Community Benefits" report details how our efforts in these matters would not be possible without the philanthropic support of our community.

    Community Benefits Report (PDF)

    Economic Impact Report

    Children’s Medical Center has an annual impact of more than $1.6 billion to the regional economy, according to a study prepared by the Center for Economic Development and Research at the University of North Texas.

    The study showed that in addition to filling a critical niche in Dallas’ medical care cluster, Children’s is a significant contributor to the region’s economy in several areas.

    Economic and Fiscal Impact Report (PDF)

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