Eleven-year-old receives life-saving heart transplant

November 03, 2010

Initially she responded so well to treatments that the medical staff cardiologists who treated her sent her back to a regular floor. When her condition deteriorated, however, she was readmitted to the ICU with worsening heart function and little likelihood of further recovery.

After two days of critical stabilization in the ICU, a donor heart became available and Dr. Steves Ring, a surgeon on the medical staff at Children's, successfully performed a heart transplant on Alexia. Postoperatively, the cardiac intensive care team had the enviable task of watching her new heart assume the functions her old heart could no longer accomplish.

Alexia is just one of hundreds of patients who have received a life-saving transplant at Children's, and who will continue to benefit from the unified services in the Solid Organ Transplant Program at Children's. Today she is doing well and is back in school.