Leaders in Research

Pediatric Research center

Children's is one of only 14 national pediatric research centers sanctioned by the National Institutes of Health. Faculty members of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas are members of the Children's medical staff. They conduct research that is instrumental in developing treatments, therapies and greater understanding of pediatric diseases. This research is nationally recognized for programs devoted to cancer, cardiothoracic, neonatology, kidney disease, infectious disease, pharmacology, sickle cell disease and psychiatry.

Teaching Hospital

As the primary pediatric teaching facility for UT Southwestern, Children's supports a three-year residency program for physicians and academic fellowships in numerous subspecialties. Many of the more than 650 physicians on the medical staff at Children's completed the UT Southwestern program and now hold faculty positions at the medical school. Educational experiences also are available for nurses, child development specialists, social workers, chaplains and others who participate in Children's internships.

Clinical Research

Our clinical staff and the physicians on the medical staff participate and conduct clinical research to improve care for future generations. Recent clinical research has helped children who have sickle cell anemia and offered new hope for victims of acute respiratory distress syndrome.